new year celebration in school "Details"

Creating the new year installation to exhibit at the school "Details".
As a member of a student's group. 2010.

new year a-la russe

Decorating new year tree in a Russian style for Stolitsa24 TV channel.
In cooperation with Kira Chuveleva. 2010.

10 year anniversary of "Details"

Creating the installation dedicated to the 10 anniversary of the interior design school "Details".
In cooperation with Kira Chuveleva. Curator - Svetlana Arefeva. 2010.

green project

Participant of the exhibition contest Green project, related with recycling, sustainable living and green technologies.
Lampshade, decorated with used credit cards. 2012.

bober TV

Participation as an expert in a several TV programs, related with sustainable living, DIY, recycling. 2015.